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Clifton 440 Cap Iron

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The Clifton 440 Cap Iron is a single piece design, made from vacuum toughened and hardened 01 steel and has an approximate thickness of 3.6mm.
The cap iron is designed to sit on the plane blade to help prevent tear out and also to reduce vibration in the blade which in turn can cause chatter.
This will offer a great way to reinforce your blade and ensure you get the ultimate performance from your plane blade.
Pairs well with our 01 cryogenically treated plane blades.

All manufactured in Sheffield using only the finest materials.

The cap iron is available in three sizes to suit various bench planes:

1 3/4" wide - for No. 3 bench planes
2" wide - for No. 4 and 5 bench planes
2 3/8" wide for no. 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6 and 7 bench planes

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