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Clifton 450 Multi Plane Blades - Stock Sale

Clifton 450 Multi Plane Blades - Stock Sale

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Stock clearance of some old Clifton 450 Multi Plane Blades.... Once they are gone, this is the last ever blades made by Clico for this plane!

The Clifton 450 Multi Plane is the ultimate in bench planes having a range of blades for different applications on this hand plane. This stopped being produced by Clico some years back.

The original plane came complete with 24 blades and there was addiitional 16 cutters so a total of 40 different blade types available. These plane blades will fit the Record and Stanley versions of the Multi Plane.

Please use the drop down box to see the list of stock I have left... I only have these and NO other of these blades.

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