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DMT 8" Dia-Sharp Bench Stone


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The 8" DiaSharp Bench Stone is DMT's most popular Dia-Sharp stone. It's large enough to handle almost any tool or knife and is manufactured in the widest grit range available. Made using 5 carats of DMT micronized monocrystalline diamond - sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy, no messy oils needed - sharpen dry or with water.

This size comes in all six DMT diamond grits, including Extra Extra Coarse (XX) for rapid stock removal and waterstone flattening and Extra Extra Fine (EE) for the finest polished edge of all bonded diamond abrasives.

Size: 8" x 3" x 0.375" (203mm x 76mm x 10mm)

Available in the following grits: Extra Extra Coarse, Extra Coarse, Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine and Extra Extra Fine

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