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Eclipse 94-370R Saw Tooth Setter

Eclipse 94-370R Saw Tooth Setter
Price: 30.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Spear & Jackson Eclipse Saw Tooth Setter will enable you set the teeth on your saw.
Set is the amount by which the teeth on a saw protrude from the side of the blade. It is the set which creates the kerf to be wider than the blade and therefore prevents binding as the non-cutting part of the saw blade enters the cut. This allows easier cutting and good control. The teeth need to be alternately set on both sides so that equal numbers of teeth protrude from each side of the blade. This item comes with instructions and is indivdually blister packed.

This item is suitable for sharpening handsaws and tenon saws from around 4 teeth per inch - 12 teeth per inch (not One and Two Man Crosscut Saws.)

Length: 180mm (7.1/8") Height: 90mm (3.1/2")

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