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Files as used at the factory for hand sharpening the saw teeth. All our files are high quality files and are tried and tested by production for their recommendations on what gives a good result.

Flat File - 22mm wide x 4.5mm thick for sharpening the gullets of the one man crosscut saw (great american tooth pattern).

The large file is for larger toothed saws 4 teeth per inch and large i.e. Rip Saws, One and Two Man Cross Cut Saws (still recommended for sharpening the tooth part of the one man crosscut saw as well as the flat file for the gullets).

The medium file is for Handsaw and large Tenon Saws. 10 teeth per inch - 5 1/2 teeth per inch approx.

The Precision File is used for Dovetail Saws - 20 teeth per inch.

A Beech handle is also available.

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Saw Files

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