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Fine Tooth Two Man Crosscut Saw

A fine tooth version of our two man crosscut saw, these have often been used on projects where the standard peg tooth formation on our two man crosscut saws would not be as efficient.
The fine tooth is best for when a finer finish is required or not a wood material, examples of use have been in paper factories for cutting the cardboard cores, polystyrene blocks etc. Our standard peg tooth two man crosscut saws would jam and bind in these types of material due to the size of the teeth.
This version has 6 teeth per inch.

These are more of a specialist purhase and are not our recommended for cutting logs for efficiency.

Shipping surcharges may apply on some orders, mainly on long items shipped overseas but we would advise if we cannot ship for our set shipping rates.

Fine Tooth Two Man Crosscut Saw

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