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Joseph Marples T14 'Trial 1' Mortice & Marking Gauge

Joseph Marples T14 'Trial 1' Mortice & Marking Gauge
Price: 52.61 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Joseph Marples T14 'Trial 1' Mortice and Marking Gauge is part of the Trial 1 range made from designs produced over 70 years ago. The Trial 1 range features some of the highest quality specifications expected in these measuring and marking tools. This Mortice and Marking Gauge has a full polished brass faced screwslide and has a full 1/8th inch thick brass face. The stock is locked on to the stem by either a polished steel locking turnscrew, or brass knurled thumbscrew (both supplied) and protective brass pressure pad. The locking screw is set within a traditional brass protective shield. A screw slide gives fine and precise adjustment of the mortice pins and on the back of the stem is a single marking gauge pin.

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