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Lynx Flexible Flush Cutting Saw

Price: 15.19 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Lynx Flexible Flush Cutting Saw has a very flexible steel bade which cuts on the pull stroke. As it has no set, this saw is excellent for use in cutting dowels etc. as you can get the saw right to the edge and leave a very smooth surface. The saw has a brass back and a Beech handle. Blade length: 6". 20tpi as standard. Individually blister packed.

Key Features:
* Special Flexible blade for cutting dowels flush against the surface of wood - no set means no scratch marks
* Beech Handle with Brass Ferrule
* Brass Back
* Etched with Lynx logo
* Packed in blister pack with back card

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Lynx Flush Cutting Saw

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