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Multi Purpose 3ft Saw

Price: 118.09 (Including VAT at 20%)

Following many requests for a finer toothed 3ft One Man Crosscut Saw, this saw has been developed to deal with a wide range of tasks. The saw has a 3ft blade made from 0.060" thick CS80 and has 6 teeth per inch. This has a beech handle fitted with brass plated screws and caps and also comes complete with an auxiliary handle that can be fitted to the front of the blade so that assistance with cutting can be provided.

This saws has been a popular request with paper mills and for cutting gas pipes but could be used for a wide range of applications where a smaller tooth pattern is needed. Thie finer teeth mean there is less chance of binding/jamming in the same way that the Great American tooth pattern on the wood cutting version might do.

(These are recommended uses only)
Lynx Multi Purpose Saw

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