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Crown Mini Revolution Hollowing System

Crown Mini Revolution Hollowing System
Price: 64.32 (Including VAT at 20%)

The New Crown Mini Revolution Hollowing System is a compact version of the successful Revolution Hollowing System range. It is designed for producing smaller forms. This tool is made from the highest quality materials and incorporates the "Super Ring" and linkage system giving the turner a high level of versatility in use when producing open and grain vessels in both seasoned and un-seasoned wood, such as bowls and vases and hollow forms turned through a small opening. The addition of the scraping cutter adds versatility for cutting in cross grain forms as well as being an efficient cutter for finishing the inside of forms after initial shaping and material removal.

Components explained:

Total length including handle is 430mm (17")
Handle is made from a 254mm (10") Black Ash handle

The "Super Ring" is used for end grain hollowing and wood removal. The efficient cutting action of the Super Ring produces an excellent finish that requires little or no scraping prior to final finishing.

The Brass limiter and adjustment collar - the brass inset limiter acts to limit the depth of cut as well as a chip breaker, producing short chips of wood in turn aiding waste removal when hollowing through a small opening. The limiter has been specifically designed to sit down into the cutter without the need for a top shield to greatly reduce the problem of clogging.

Scraping cutter - A general purpose cutter used for both end grain and cross grain wood removal, useful for box making as well as being efficient finishing scraper for the inside of many vessels.

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