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Crown Spiraling & Texturing System

Crown Spiraling & Texturing System

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NEW, the Crown Spiraling & Texturing System which will help you take your turning work to the next level! The system comes complete with 2 different spiraling wheels, an ergonomic indexing tool and a texturing wheel. This is the greatest way to apply stunning spirals and textures to your turnings!

Available as a full size system and a miniature system to enable you to apply this to larger and smaller work areas.

Texturing Tool also available - see drop down list. TT1 - 10" (254mm) with black ash handle.

The systems include the following items:

ST1W - Full size spiraling/texturing system includes 1 x 18 Tooth Texturing Wheel, 1 x 18 Tooth Spiraling Wheel, 1 x 30 Tooth Spiraling Wheel

ST2W - Miniature Spiraling System includes 1 x 17 Tooth Wheel, 1 x 27 Tooth Wheel.

Replacement wheels (18 tooth spiralling or 18 tooth texturing wheel, also 17 and 27 tooth versions for mini spiralling system) and Indexing Tool also available as separates. See the drop down list for these.

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