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Robert Sorby 87HS Modular Handled Micro Hollowing Set

Robert Sorby 87HS Modular Handled Micro Hollowing Set
Price: 59.36 (Including VAT at 20%)

The NEW Robert Sorby Modular Handled and Modular Micro Tool System is centred on the beautifulky engineered burgundy anodised aluminium handle. Into this handle can be fitted an array of tools. There are four handled sets and various optional extras:

~ Modular Handled Micro Sandmaster & Modular Micro Sandmaster
~ Modular Handled Micro Spiralling Tool & Modular Micro Spiralling Tool
~ Modular Handled Micro Spindle Set
~ Modular Handled Micro Hollowing Set

The main benefit of this system is that the woodturner can buy just any one of the above Modular Handled Sets, which include the modular handle and then add any of the Modular Sets and optional extras to compliment their collection.

Modular Handled Micro Hollowing Set

With the introduction of a specifically designed micro boring tool for initial waste removal, a micro swan neck hollowing tool and a micro round nose scraper, this hollowing set gives the woodturner the ability to hollow out delicate vases.

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