British made


Pax Saws

The Pax brand was founded in 1776 by Thomas Sanderson, part of Sanderson Brothers & Co. Ltd. This company has a lengthy part of Sheffield history being one of the leaders in steel production and it’s by products - one of which was the Pax range of saws. The introduction of such fine saws is something we are pleased to continue today and if you are looking for a premium quality saw, this is the range that will provide you with just that.

Pax 1776 saws are made to original specifications with the Tenon Saws having heavy, folded brass backs to provide the perfect tension to the blade and the pistol grip handles on many of them. These saws celebrate the ways that Sanderson Brothers would have originally crafted saws. These saws are considered by many of its users as a "masterpiece": a definite purchase for those who appreciate only the finest.

Most saws are currently made to order, please be aware there may be a short delay despatching these during busy periods.