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Pax 1776 Tenon Saw - Pistol Grip Handle

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New and Improved look - November 2017...

The Pax 1776 Saw, Thomas Flinn’s finest saw and a must have for all woodworking enthusiasts and is our flagship saw. Made with a heavily folded brass back roll marked with "Pax 1776 Sheffield England", it is made as a celebration piece commemorating the start of Pax saws and are made today to the same high standards they were two hundred years ago. The folded brass back means the blade is held under tension offering excellent rigidity and balance. The weight of the brass back aids the fine cutting ability of this saw. The traditional open handle is made from Walnut and has solid brass split nut screw and medalllion. It is hand finished with Danish Oil to offer the perfect comfort and grip. This saw is the ultimate in beauty and also in it’s unrivalled performance. These saws are all tested before despatch.

Available in lengths 8", 10" (Standard) and 12" in a choice of 13tpi or 15tpi, in either Rip (for cutting with the grain) or Crosscut (for cutting across the grain) formation. This saw is a fantastic gift.

Blade depths are as follows:

8" Blade length = Blade depth 2"
10" Blade length = Blade depth 2"
12" Blade length = Blade depth 2 1/2"

Rated 4/5 stars by Good Woodworking magazine!

Key Features:
* Hand finished Pistol Grip Maple Handle, danish oiled for ultimate comfort
* Solid Brass Screws and Caps
* Mirror Finished Brass Back with traditional style roll mark "PAX 1776"
* Hand Sharpened
* Can be Re-sharpened

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Pax 1776 Saw

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