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Lynx Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set

Lynx Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set
Price: 13.82 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Lynx Shaped Cabinet Scraper Sets are one of our most popular products and a "must" for woodworkers. Made from stiff carbon steel (saw steel) these are used to give a smooth finish to wood. One of the simplest products that work wonders with a variety of shapes to suit your application.

The Shaped Set contains:
1 x Concave/Convex Scraper
1 x Gooseneck Scraper
1 x Double Curved Scraper
1 x 5" x 2 ½" Scraper

These are supplied ready to use but can be re-sharpened with use of a burnisher (also available).

Key Features:
* Sharp edge to scrape along surfaces with ease
* Burr can be put back on to keep sharp by using a Burnisher
* Various shapes for various areas as per your requirement
* Packed in blister with back card

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