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Pax Handsaws

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PAX handsaws are one of the finest handsaws available today. Using the history and tradition of PAX, these saws are still made to original specifications. Handcrafted from the finest alloy steel these saws are taper ground and breasted (meaning less teeth are in contact with the wood and therefore less friction) and are precisely set and sharpened by hand to ensure the best possible cut without binding. The handle is made from the finest steamed beech with a two-tone gloss finish.

With a variation of teeth sizes per inch, there is a Handsaw for every type of work and will give you a different type of cut/finish depending on what you require.

* Our standard Rip saws have 4 ½ tpi are intended for cutting down the grain.
* A Standard Handsaw has 8tpi and is a crosscut saw for cutting across the grain. This is a good general purpose tooth size.
* The Panel Saw has 10tpi and is a finer toothed crosscut saws. It is for cutting across the grain and gives a finer finish than larger toothed handsaws.

Key Features:
* Two Tone Beech Handle with Solid Brass Screws and Medallions
* Taper Ground Blade with Breasted Toothline
* Hand Sharpened
* Laser marked with PAX logo
* Can be Re-sharpened

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Pax Handsaw

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