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Pit Saw - 7ft long

Price: 300.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Traditional Pit Saws are used for timber framing large projects and were used in boat building and timber framed housing predominantely in the 1700s especially in places like Plymouth, MA and Williamsburg, WV in the USA, where typical examples of these buildings still exist.

These are very specialist large saws, used by two people - one of the top of the pit and one at the bottom of the pit. They are made from carbon steel at 0.092" thick.
Fun fact: the expression "Top Dog" derives from using these saws as every one preferred to be at the top of the pit rather than being down the pit getting covered in saw dust.

Either a pit or a special frame is required for using these - not for every day crosscutting projects.

We have some stock at 7ft long currently. These have the holes cut in the top for fittings but please note, we supply blade only and we do not have the Tiller and Bits for these.

Shipping charges will be surcharged outside of the UK due to the size/weight of these items.
Close up of Pit Saw Blade

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