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We have an excellent customer base and we find that year after year they come back to us for another addition to their tool box... I am sure they all agree, that quality is not something that can be dismissed in a saw and we hope to continue to provide this for many years to come!

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"Sheffield may not be the powerhouse or heart of the UK tool industry it used to be, but sawmakers Thomas Flinn still fly the flag proudly with high quality hand made products.
The small family led team accomplish an excellence of finish that industrial manufacturing often fails to achieve, using skills passed down through the generations and with quality at the forefront, and having had the pleasure of using some of the saws, I can testify they are backed up with superior performance.
Thomas Flinn and the associated brands within their range make tools built with traditional methods to last a lifetime and beyond." - ANDY KING. GOOD WOODWORKING MAGAZINE REVIEWER. NOVEMBER 2011.

NEW!! Article: Tradtional Woodworking Magazine. June/July 2007 Issue 203.

"I assume I am not the only Englishman to mourn the huge depletion in the number of fine toolmakers to which one could apply the accolade 'Made in England' when I shake hands with Philip Ellis, I realise that I am making contact with one of the few remaining craftsmen and, through him, his forebears who helped create the industrial might that brought engineering to civilised nations and substantial wealth to Britain. Philip owns Thomas Flinn & Co., an industrial rarity which should be treasured as part of our national heritage...The range of saws produced by Thomas Flinn is almost bewildering and is a testimony to Philip's lifetime of experience and development work...the company of Thomas Flinn, now safely in the hands of the Ellis family, knows no bounds when it comes to saw making. The next generation is thankfully there at the workplace having learned his craft from his father, who has learned it from his."

Rod Straw

New!!! Pax 1776 Dovetail Saw Review - Good Woodworking Magazine. Issue 188 May 2007

"This is a rare animal indeed - it's a truely English-made saw, from its Sheffield pedigree right down to its polished finish and the domed screws on its English elm handle. It's also hand-made to your specification...this saw produces a very fine cut...and beat the Lie Neilsen and Adria [in terms of cutting ability]...It's cutting performance is top class, its design has passed the test of time, and its build quality means that, if you buy one of these saws, you'll be able to pass it on to the generations to come" Rated 4.5 stars out of 5!!

Andy King. Technical Editor.

Article: Good Woodworking Magazine. Issue 185 March 2007

"Thomas Flinn, which - in defiance of mass manufacturing - proudly sticks to the traditions and quality on which the firm was founded on in 1923...It's a joy to see machinery from our industrial heyday being used to turn out tools that uphold Flinn's reputation for quality. Equally impressive was the skill and dedication of the Ellis family and its team, the craftsmans' craftsmen."

Andy King - Technical Editior

Review: Good Woodworking Magazine. Issue 170, Jan. 2006.

The Pax 1776 Saw - "A beautiful, hand-made tool...this saw is something that is sorely missed in the market in general: a quality, hand-made tool...the cutting performance was really sweet, making sure fine cuts to a line on both rip and cross work were a joy."

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 in tests. - Andy King, Technical Editor.

Review: Traditional Woodworking Magazine. June 2004.

The Pax 1776 Saw - "Many of us would probably admit to needing all the help we can get when cutting dovetails, and so this excellent Sheffield made dovetail saw will be welcomed by those looking for a fine tool to help accomplish them...first impressions are very good...Of course good looks must be matched by excellent performance. Just like you wouldn't want a Ferrari to drive like an old Lada, you don't want this attractive tool to cut and handle like a pound shop buy. Fortunately the Pax 1776 dovetail saw doesn't disappoint, for it performs sublimely."

Review: Fine Woodworking Magazine (U.S.) Issue no. 117, May/June 2005

The Pax 1776 Saw: "Thomas Flinn sawmakers looked to 18th century Sheffield, England, for design inspiration for the new PAX 1776 line of saws.The Pax brass-backed tenon saw I tried sets a high standard of quality, performance, and design."

Chris Gochnour.

Review: The Robb Report Collection (U.S magazine for luxury items)

Pax 1776 Saw: "...the Pax 1776 Dovetail is an elegant example of Flinn's functional aesthetic...employing a beautifully made object to make beautiful objects adds pleasure to the woodworking process."

Mica Darley.

And from the customers:

Just a quick message to say thanks for the great service. The saw is excellent and beautiful and cuts great. So nice to be able to support a company that still makes by hand. Am looking forward to using it on the next part of my joinery course." 06/09/17

"Hi Katie,
The saw arrived with perfect timing! Thank you so, so much for your help in getting the order through so quickly.

And a huge thanks to your talented saw makers too. My boyfriend said it was 'the best birthday present I've ever got.' So I think that's a hit!" 26/05/17

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for the beautiful Pax Jewellers Saw you recently made for me.
It is going to be wonderful to use on my next project and is very comfortable to hold. Excellent workmanship! Thank you." J.F. 01/08/13

"Huge thanks for the safe and highly efficient arrival of my order yesterday afternoon. Excellently packed. And the sheer quality of the saw astonished all of those who work here, who saw it shown off to them. I already have a Dorchester Gents' saw, so the Lynx was pretty obvious. When I retire my rather ancient Fiskars cross-cut tenon, I'll certainly be back to you."
D.P. 01/05/13

"Dear Sir/madam.
This order has just been recieved as promised. Excellent saws and stunning service - thankyou." P.H. 10/08/12

"Just a quick line to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Dorchester saw. Not yet used it fully, but I am absolutely delighted with it,5 star.
Many Thanks. WAG." 11/07/12

"I just wanted to extend my thanks. I found your service very prompt and thorough. I am elated with the product and expect that I will be contacting you with any future needs along the same lines.
With much appreciation, P. W. (Ontario Canada)" 01/05/12

"Hi Katie,
Surprise, surprise! My order was delivered at 10.30am today, Monday, 20th Feb. So very quick!.
Many thanks for all your help in this matter and best wishes to all at Thomas Flinn."
J. A. (20/02/12) who got a speedy 4 day delivery from the UK to new Zealand.

"Hello Katie just a few lines to thankyou and your staff for a prompt and proffesional service, a very quick order shipment and a excellent telephone manner your company must be very proud of you, and your customer service which is very rare today. Once again, thankyou!"
W.W. 19/02/12

Hello Katie,
your saw has arrived today simply FANTASTIC!!!
Giuseppe - 19/01/12

"Hi Katie
The saw has arrived. I used it tonight and it an absolute joy to use - my previous 'best saw' is not a patch on this lovely piece of equipment.
Please pass on my thanks to those that have made such a wonderful saw - their skill is much appreciated.
Kind regards
A.R." 28/09/11

"Thanks Katie for the confirmation. It was good talking to you today on the phone...
My daughter is very excited about getting the saw. I also want to put in writing how much we liked your website - very professional, trustworthy and interesting with the tutorials etc.
Looking very much forward to receiving the saw...."
And upon receipt:
"Thank you sooo much for the quite simply superb service we've had from you. I can't believe that I put the order in Sunday eve and got the saw today, Tuesday!" T.Q 20/09/11

"Thank you so much, recieved my saw today, its absolutely beautiful, over the moon with it.
Thank you very much for getting it to me before my birthday.
P.S not letting my wife wrap it up!
Thanks, JM. " 21/09/11

"Dear Sir / Madam,
I would just like to say how good I think your service is. I'm kept up-to-date at every stage, and with my most recent order I even received a message (from someone by the name of Katie) informing me that due to the packaging being small I would be refunded part of the packaging and delivery charge.
Thank you Katie, and thank you Thomas Flinn & Co., for excellent service, and fast despatch and delivery of orders.
Many thanks,
Mark." 28/09/10

I ordered a saw from your company, a musical one for my husbands birthday.
I am writing to compliment you and your company on your exceptional customer service. A very pleasant phone call to advise a change to the order, and the item arrived the very next day.
I am most impressed.
Please pass on my thanks to all those who deserve it."
Scotland." 09/09/10

"Hi Katie,
Just want to say thank you for the Plane Iron which arrived here a short while ago. It is absolutely superb quality, exactly the reason why I wanted to have an example made in Sheffield by Clico Tooling Limited, who carry on a long tradition of producing fine quality tools.

I will certainly enjoy fitting it on one of my 'Flag Ship' No. 8 Planes, and using it only for the finest work!

Thank you so very much, I'm hugely grateful to you, because I'd almost given up purchasing one made by Clico.

All the very best wishes,

"Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your service. My daughter received the musical saw just one day after I ordered it, and on her birthday too! Thanks a million."

"Just a short note to let you know I received the saw you sent to me (safe and sound). It's just what I need, and its well made...It will be treasured!" - M.K. South Australia

"I am very impressed by the response time I received upon my query. Working in close contact to customers myself, I know how difficult it sometimes is to keep up with requests coming in. I appreciate your effort..." K.D. Chipping Norton, U.K.

"It's me again! ...I am very pleased with my saws you already sent. Many thanks..." W.B. Falkland Islands

"Today I got the chisels and everything is alright. Thank you for the perfect service.." A.D.J. The Netherlands

Post receiving his goods M.W. emailed this: "Fun is too small a word for the entertainment I've had this last week or so! It is such a pleasure to be able to buy and use top-notch Sheffield tools!" M.W. Sheffield, U.K.

"I am really grateful for your kind response to my situation, unquestioned other than varification that I have a Flinn saw. This definately comforts me to want to do business more." B.W.D., USA

Whilst facing delay due to flooding, E.M. kindly sent this: "by the quality of your website and goods for sale I felt confident in placing the order with your company. I hope the situation improves for your area and the sunshine appears in many ways than just in the sky."

"Can I say a huge thank you to a member of your staff.
I had to order some items as a christmas present for my dad and was completely in the dark with what I needed. It was written on a piece of paper-but it could have been in a foreign language for the amount I understood. I made a phone call to your company and the lady at the end of the phone was extremely helpful and very friendly, her name was Katie. The items were then sent very promptly.

Thank you again for a very helpful and professional service."

10th December 2008 - LB.