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Robert Sorby SOV-67DBS 6 piece Sovereign Turning Tool Set

Robert Sorby SOV-67DBS 6 piece Sovereign Turning Tool Set
Price: 314.17 (Including VAT at 20%)

NEW! Robert Sorby 6 piece Sovereign Turning Set. A great way to get a complete set of the Sovreign products all in one kit.

The Sovereign is a handle system that gives the turner the ability to interchange a large range of gouges and other tool blades. The high quality seamless steel section of the handles assists in vibration dampening and together with the Aluminium head and base gives a well balanced and comfortable feel particuarly during extended use. The Softex grip provides an extremely durable and comfortable grip together with the knurled sections on the head and base which can be securely tightened without fear of damage to the tool shaft. These two screws are located in steel inserts within the head to maintain a perfect threading function time and time again. The head also has a threaded hole in the side for the fitting of an optional side handle to provide additional support, stability and grip. The base can be unscrewed to allow for a counter balance weight to be screwed into the internal thread in the cap giving a balanced feel when using heavy gouges and blades.
Another optional extra is a coupler to allow two handles to be threaded together to create the desired length handle of 32", 38" or 44" for added support and stability.

This set contains the following items all complete in a beautiful birch box:

1 x 3/8" Bowl Gouge
1 x 3/8" Spindle Gouge
1 x 3/4" Spindle Roughing Gouge
1 x 3/4" Skew
1 x 1/8" Parting Tool
1 x 1/2" Round Nose Scraper
1 x Sovereign 12" Handle
1 x 4" Extension
1 x Threaded Coupler
1 x Starting out woodturning DVD
1 x Sharpening Stone
1 x 1/2", 3/8" and Tang Collets

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