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Robert Sorby 284 Registered Chisel - Double Hooped Ash Handle

Robert Sorby 284 Registered Chisel - Double Hooped Ash Handle

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The Robert Sorby 284 Regsitered Chisel with a Double Hooped Ash Handle - the workhouse of any tool kit! A well balanced tool for general applications. They feature a thick cross-section in the blades which makes them suitable for more demanding applications and seep recesses - like mortices - where leverage need to be applied. The second hoop on the handle allows for repeated mallet blows and will prevent splitting or mushrooming.

The heavy duty blade on these chisels was originally developed in co-operation with professional woodworkers for a specific application. These tools are used by many professional timber framehouse builders who demand high performance and quality. The heavy duty blade and handle are designed to withstand the extreme use that these craftsman expect from their equipment. They are precision ground for accuracy.

Available in a variety of sizes.
Overall length: 10.1/2" - 13"

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