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Robert Sorby Belts for Proedge Sharpening System

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There are various types of abrasive sharpening belts available for your Proedge Sharpening System... all provide for different sharpening needs.

Abrasive sharpening belts:

Aluminium Oxide 60, 120 ~* and 240 * grit for sharpening bench chisels, carving tools and plane irons.

Zirconium 60 ~* and 120 grit is designed for HSS tools, drills and router bits.

Ceramic 60 and 120 grit is especially hardwearing and long lasting for heavy material removal.

Trizact (brick and pyramid abrasive shaping. "Grit" sizes: 600, 1200, 3000) designed for all steel. The highest level "grit" sharpens to two microns (sharper than a razor blade)

NEW! Diamond Belts - the offer the pinnacle in abrasive technology. Providing both the flexibility of standard cloth belts with the durability and fast cutting action of plated diamond wheels. The diamond particles are precisely graded providing a long life solution for the sharpening of the most difficult of materials. Due to the hardness of the diamond abrasive grain, outstanding results can be achieved with tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass and natural stone and many other resistant materials. Invest in one of these belts and their longevity and versatility will benefit you a lifetime.

Items marked * are included in the ProEdge Plus System
Items marked ~ are included in the ProEdge System

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