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Robert Sorby Bowl Gouges

Robert Sorby Bowl Gouges

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The Robert Sorby Bowl Gouges are a must have for all bowl turners. Milled from round bar, giving both mass and stability, these tools are ideal for making bowls. They can produce massive profiling cuts or delicate finishing cuts as necessary. Made from M2 Sheffield High Speed Steel with an Ash Handle that gives comfort, balance and control. The tang is deeply seated in the handle for added safety.

Available as Standard, Fingernail or High Performance.

The Fingernail Bowl Gouges have a fingernail grind. Their increased flexibility allows for 'pull' cuts - avoiding catching the lathe bed. The greater cutting tip area can be used for heavy profiling cuts and fine, delicate shearing cuts.

The High Performance Bowl Gouge is coated with Titanium Nitrade to give it increased performance and resistance to edge wear. The cutting edge on these tools will outlast other Robert Sorby tools by a minimum of three fold, meaning less time is spent sharpening.

All come with 14" Handle and have an overall length of 23" except the Standard 842XLH 1/2" and 3/4" which both have a 17" Handle and overall length of 26" and 26.3/4" respectively.

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