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Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tool

Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tool

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The New Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tool has a user friendly flat shaft with a specifically designed cutter seat. This seat is machined into both sides of the shaft so that when cutting either side of the captive ring, the cutter is angled in front and into the direction of the cut, giving more control over the cut whilst still keeping the tool flat on the rest. The cutters can be swivelled in the seat allowing the ring to be cut within a limited space. The Captive Ring Tool cutters are interchangeable with the Mushroom Tool (804H) and the Box Hollower (803H). You can sharpen the cutters with a diamond file or honing stone flat across the face. A user instruction guide is included.

Available as an individual tool in various sizes, or in a set complete with all four cutter sizes. Cutters also available separately.

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