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Robert Sorby Excelsior Cutter Range

Robert Sorby Excelsior Cutter Range

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The Robert Sorby Excelsior range of tools is a new range of high performance tools that will appeal to woodturning professionals, regular turners and those who enjoy turning very hard or abrasive woods. The Excelsior range has a range of hard working gouges and cutters that are manufactured from high grade HSS coated with the latest Titanium Nitride (TiN) plasma coating technology.

The breakthrough bonded coating provides extraordinary life to any cutting edge and reduces surface friction for a smoother more refined cut. When coated on flawless, triple tempered HSS, cutting edge hardness is increased to a Rockwell equivalent of between 85-90. The result is a tool that sharpens easily and has a durability and cutting edge that outperforms even tungsten carbide.

This range of cutters can be used in conjunction with the Robert Sorby Sovereign System which is a very versatile way of changing your tools.

The different cutters as follows as per the image above:
1. RS22G - Small tear drop cutter *
2. RS222G - Small tear drop cutter
3. 827GC - External Scraper
4. 826GC - Internal Scraper
5. RS200GC - Tear Drop Scraper
6. SOV-ULTCUTG - Ultima Cutter
7. RS230GC - Round Scraper Cutter *
8. RS211GC - Round End Cutter *
9. RS212GC - Side/End Cutter
10. RS211GC - Round End Cutter *
11. RS211GC - Round End Cutter *

Items marked with a * are shown twice or more to show how the different cutters can fit on different tools.

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