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Robert Sorby Modular Handled & Modular Micro Sandmaster

Robert Sorby Modular Handled & Modular Micro Sandmaster

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The NEW Robert Sorby Modular Handled and Modular Micro Tool System is centred on the beautifully engineered burgundy anodised aluminium handle. Into this handle can be fitted an array of tools. There are four handled sets and various optional extras:

~ Modular Handled Micro Sandmaster & Modular Micro Sandmaster
~ Modular Handled Micro Spiralling Tool & Modular Micro Spiralling Tool
~ Modular Handled Micro Spindle Set
~ Modular Handled Micro Hollowing Set

The main benefit of this system is that the woodturner can buy just any one of the above Modular Handled Sets, which include the modular handle and then add any of the Modular Sets and optional extras to compliment their collection.

The Modular Handled and Modular Micro Sandmaster

The introduction of this product comes from an increased interest by woodturners in smaller, more delicate work. This system uses the same free spinning technology as its big brother but utilises a 1" (25mm) foam pad. Onto which can be fitted the 1" (25mm) Velcro style abrasive discs. The positition of the head can be adjusted so those awkard to get at spots can be sanded.

The Modular Handled Set comprises of an aluminium handle, micro Sandmaster head, 1" (25mm) foam pad and eight abrasive discs, two of each of the following grits: 120, 180, 240 and 400, two Allen keys and an instruction leaflet.

The Modular Micro Sandmaster Set includes all the above except the handle.

Optional extras also available:
Foam Pad
Abrasive Discs (pack of 10) in 120 grit, 180 grit, 240 grit and 400 grit.

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