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Robert Sorby Micro Tool Set 46HS

Robert Sorby Micro Tool Set 46HS

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The Robert Sorby range of Micro Tools have unique sizes and profiles provide the flexibility of approach and tool control that are essential for fine detail work. They are ideal for working on smaller lathes where fouling the bed bars is a problem with conventional tools.

Items pictured are as follows (from top to bottom): 8mm Roughing Gouge, 6mm Spindle Gouge, 10mm Shear Scraper, 12mm Skew Chisel and a 2mm Fluted Parting Tool. Available individually or as 5 piece set.

Set 46HS is an intermediate set for those projects a little larger in size. They feature slightly heavier blade sections than their counterparts. They are ideal for small boxes and vessels up to 4".

The tools have an overall length of 10"

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