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Robert Sorby ProEdge Jigs and Accessories

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Jigs and Accessories to kit out your ProEdge Sharpening System...

The Fingernailer Profiler * gives that perfectly sharpened finger nail bowl or spindle gouge.
The Skew Jig * for the accurate sharpening of woodturning skew chisels.
The Standard Gouge Jig * allows easy sharpening of all standard ground wooodturning gouges.
The Woodworking Chisel Jig accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.

Cutter holder holds tips and cutters securely.

Arbour Shaft and honing wheels are abrasive wheels that can be shaped to allow honing of gouge flutes, especially useful for the woodcarver.

The Pigtail mandrel, buffing mop and honing paste - applied to a buffing mop the honing paste creates a highly polished finish on any steel.

Items marked * are included in the ProEdge Plus System
Items marked ~ are included in the ProEdge System

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