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Robert Sorby RS2000 Deep Hollowing System

Robert Sorby RS2000 Deep Hollowing System

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The Robert Sorby RS2000 Deep Hollowing System is a tried and tested method of deep vessel hollowing. It is an economically priced adaptation of an original 1980's concept of American master turner, Dennis Stuart, from whom it is made under licence. This flexible system can be used in a number of modes. Firstly it is a very safe and effective means of hollowing deep vessels through narrow openings. At the same time it can be used for coning - producing a series of bowls from the same blank with a minimum of waste wood. This same method enables picture frames and other large rings to be made. Included in the system is a chattertool assembly which enhances end grain by creating a myriad of different decorative effects. The RS2000 is available as a complete system with 20 components in a beauful wooden presentation case or as a basic system (RS2001) which is identical to the complete system except for the elimination of the chattertool components. Alternatively, components may be purchased individually to suit your requirements.

The RS2000 is supplied with a comprehensive 12 page instructional manual with useful guidance and illustrations.

Articulated Probe:

With its moveable head the Articulated Probe (RS213) reaches many inaccessible spots. It can be fitted with either a large scraper (RS213) or the hollowing tips (RS211C & RS212C). The flat working surface gives it more stability than conventional hollowing tools. It should be fitted to the Main Handle (RS202) and Side Handle (RS203) or the Armbrace (RS206).

The hollow ground nose of the tungsten carbide tip allows deep plunge cuts, at any angle, to remove cones from bowls and vessels. The Slicer (RS205) can also be used as a heavy duty parting tool. It should be mounted in the Main Handle with the Side Handle assembled at a convenient position on the Slider Blade. It is recommended that the Side Handle be placed in the vertical position to counteract downward forces.

The Hooker (RS210) is designed as a safe method of hollowing vessels through narrow openings. It comes fitted with a scraper cutter (RS222) for finishing but also takes a swivel assembly and hollowing tips (RS211C & RS212C). Its design allows for both inboard and outboard turning. It should be fitted to the Main Handle (RS202) and Side Handle (RS203) or alternatively the Armbrace (RS206).

The Armbrace (RS206) was conceived to enhance control and comfort when using either the Hooker, Articulated Probe, or Slicer. It enables the turner to reach further over the tool rest than is normally the case when losing control in the face of rotational forces. The addition of a neoprene grip serves to dampen vibration.

RS2000 - Complete System includes items marked *
RS2001 - Basic System includes items marked ~

RS202 - Main Handle * ~
RS203 - Side Handle * ~
RS203C - Collar for Side Handle * ~
RS203S - Stud for Side Handle * ~
RS204 - Extension Shank * ~
RS205 - Slicer * ~
RS206 - Arm Brace
RS207 - Arm Brace & Slicer
RS208 - Arm Brace & Hooker
RS210 - Hooker (inboard/outboard) * ~
RS211 - Swivel Tip Complete * ~
RS212C - Side End Cut Swivel Tip * ~
RS213 - Articulated Head Probe
RS213C - Large Tear-drop Shear Scraper
RS215 - 1/2" Dual Purpose Shank *
RS215C - Chattertool Collar for RS215 *
RS220 - Square/Pointed Chattertool Cutter *
RS221 - Domed/Hollow Chattertool Cutter *
RS222 - HSS Scraper Blade * ~
RS223 - Allen Key (1/8" AF) * ~
RS223S - Replacement 10 UNF Cap Screw * ~
RS224 - Diamond Sharpening File * ~
RS225 - 1/4" BSW Tee Knob * ~

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