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Robert Sorby Bead Forming & Ring Cutting Tools

Robert Sorby Bead Forming & Ring Cutting Tools

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The Robert Sorby Bead Forming & Ring Cutting Tools allow projects such as bangles and curtain rings to be made. They can be used to adorn stems with captive rings. Unlike similar tools, Robert Sorby Ring Cutting Tools are designed in such a way that sharpening and repeatability are not compromised. These tools will cut perfect semi-circular beads. Their nose design permits multiple bead design.

Made from M2 Sheffield High Speed Steel with an Ash handle that provides comfort, balance and control whilst you work. The deep seated tang offers extra safety.

Items pictured are (from left to right): 836H, 835H, 837H.
Available either individually in various sizes or in a set of 3 (33HS - contains one each in size either all 1/8", all 1/4" or all 3/8") or a set of 5. The set of 5 contains 5 x 835H in sizes: 1/8" (3mm), 3/16" (5mm), 1/4" (6mm), 5/16" (8mm) and 3/8" (10mm)

Supplied with useage and sharpening instructions.

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