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Robert Sorby Shear Scrapers

Robert Sorby Shear Scrapers

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The Robert Sorby Shear Scrapers are available as both an external scraper and an internal scraper. Shear Scraping is a recently enhanced method of woodturning which relies on the presentation of the scraper at a shear angle. This technique offers some significant advantages over conventional scrapers.

- At the optimum angle of 45 degrees, the slicing action is safer and produces a superior finish.
- Sanding is often unnecessary.
- The risk of the cutter digging in is virtually eliminated.

The 3/8" square shank sits firmly on the toolrest and presents the cutter at 45 degrees to the workpiece when used in either direction. This is due to the unique cutter seating position. Each tip can be repositioned several times before resharpening becomes necessary. Spare HSS cutters (826C & 827C) are available and are fully interchangeable.

Made from Sheffield M2 High Speed Steel with a comfortable Ash handle that provides balance and control.

Available Handled with HSS cutter or Unhandled.

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