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Robert Sorby Spindlemaster

Robert Sorby Spindlemaster

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The unique Robert Sorby Spindlemaster is the answer to those who suffer anxiety pangs when faced with the prospect of using a skew chisel. It is easy to master, safe to use, and simple to sharpen... and because it has no corners there is little danger of a dig-in even in the least experienced hands.

It produces all the basic cuts associated with both the skew chisel and spindle gouge: it beads, it coves, it turns square to round and trims end-grain. It is just as effective on sculputural projects like lamp stands and stair spindles as it is on fine finials on box lids and Christmas ornaments.

The Spindlemaster is especially effective on the crudest and softest woods like pine. Its enhanced tip, shear cutting action and highly polished bevel combine to produce a very fine finish on all types of wood - finer than 400 grit paper! And it just sails through knows and other imperfections as if there were not there at all!

Sharpening is straightforward. Simply hone across the flat top face to keep it in tip-top condition.As a result of its contact with the workpiece the bevel is effectively self polishing and should need no further attention.

The Spindlemaster comes complete with a set of illustrated instructions.

A micro version (875H) is now available - this is ideal for pen turning!

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