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Robert Sorby Swivel-Tip Probes

Robert Sorby Swivel-Tip Probes

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The Robert Sorby Swivel-Tip Probes are suitable for both side and end grain work, and through restricted openings. Ideal for vases and deep vessels. Three sizes of Probe offers choice and each Probe is fitted with a different combination of replaceable HSS cutting tips. The largest model (8803H) offers the added advantage of an articulated head to improve access to even the most difficult of areas. This tool is also available for use in the arm brace handle of the RS2000 system (RS213). All tools are supplied with use and care instructions.


8801H - length = 20", Min Aperture 1/2", Max Project = 5 1/2"
8802H - length = 24", Min Aperture 5/8", Max Project = 7"
8803H - length = 28", Min Aperture 1", Max Project = 9"

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