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William Greaves Handsaw (Beech Handle)

William Greaves Handsaw (Beech Handle)

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The William Greaves Handsaws are made from high quality carbon spring steel and and is flat ground. The handle is made from steamed beech and is an ideal saw for those who want excellent cutting at the right price. Individually packed in a wallet.

With a variation of teeth sizes, there is a Handsaw for every type of work. Rip saws (4 ½ tpi) are intended for cutting with the grain. The Handsaw (8tpi) and Panel Saw (10tpi) are both crosscut saws and are for cutting across the grain.

Key Features:

* Stained Beech Handle
* Flat Ground Blade
* Straight Tooth Line
* Laser marked with Willian Greaves logo
* Can be re-sharpened

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